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If you have, then this page should be a breeze for you. Even if you haven’t, just follow my lead. It’s really not hard to do and you impress me by doing so.

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Screening via email

If the form isn’t working you can email directly. Please include the same information as required on the form. Emailing directly is not a way to avoid screening.

[If the form isn’t showing, I require your real name, city/state of residence, real employment information, and the logistics of meeting. Direct links for employment verification are encouraged.]


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News, of a sort

Updates shall slowly continue until morale improves. Better than flogging, right? At least for most of you.

Fans of morale-boosting floggings have to wait a month. I’m sorting that out for a proper start.

The Itinerary

What’s going on, and when. RVA announcements, and any touring news.

While I have no official tours scheduled, I will be visiting Raleigh regularly for 2024, should you wish to subscribe to the VA and NC Tours newsletter for those dates and details.