The Client Guide

Covers everything you need to know, or are concerned about, or even things you didn’t know to ask.


Things like hotel policies are universal; things like how I handle deposits are unique to me. Just click the topic that interests you most and you’ll have a solid answer for your question. I want to be as transparent about my process as possible, even though no one ever likes to look behind the curtain.

Having a standardized process means no surprises or unaddressed concerns for you, and a smooth process allows anticipation to build for both of us. I don’t like the endless administration work of running a micro business. I’m a people-person and a creative; I’ve never wanted to be a desk-jockey. If you can make this one part of the process easy for me, I appreciate it. It’s the considerate approach to meeting a strange. I try to show the same consideration for you, in advance, by detailing my expectations and logistics here. (You can probably discern what has caused the most headaches.)

This is a living, reactive document. Expect changes over time as I alter my own approach, or realize I have new common questions to answer, or other issues arise.

Screening is a hassle. I don’t screen for fun, I do it because there are a lot of bad guys out there who wouldn’t mind ruining my health or my life. Allowing unverified, random men with potentially-dangerous motivations into my personal space isn’t smart. I like avoiding those on blacklists or with histories of violence against women. This is a reasonable concern for me to have, one that shouldn’t require an explanation but apparently does. If I keep myself safe, by extension, I keep you safe, too.

I do not accept social media accounts or review board handles as screening. I do not accept references. In other words, there are no alternatives to what I request. What I request is pretty basic and standard: real name, city/state of residence, real employment information, and the logistics of meeting. If you pass screening, you’ll hear back from me with confirmation of the booking date/time/etc. you’ve requested and deposit information.

I need to be able to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you’re employed by who you say employees you. If you own your own business, I need to be able to verify that business as its own legitimate entity. In other words, it needs to be confirmed that you aren’t employed by agencies whose representatives I don’t wish to meet. That’s the entire point of employment verification.

If you’re retired, I expect to find evidence of your career online, and perhaps current evidence with the ways you occupy your time.

Successful men leave an electronic trail these days, and that’s what I look for. The downside is that I can’t screen you with simply an email and your last name because I don’t have access to the private-investigator-level databases that would allow me to do that. Which is why I request the information that I do, because I need it.

I love it if you make online verification easy: whether with LinkedIn, interviews, articles, anything about you and your employment that exists online. The more it feels like pulling teeth, the less inclined I am to finish the process. Spending an hour Googling “John Smith” because Mr. Smith didn’t provide real screening information is not what I consider to be a meaningful way to spend the allotment of my life, or wasting my money to have a screener do the same thing.

Lying to avoid screening gets you blacklisted. So does wasting my time. I’m a professional and handling sensitive information is part of the package. Not being careless is also part of it. I no more want my neighbors to know my private matters than you do. We’re both very much in need of discretion and I do what I can to promote keeping our time to ourselves. Safety is part of discretion, however. Avoiding unsafe people is a priority.

Discreet and anonymous are two different things.

Understand that I assume you’re married as that’s the most common scenario I encounter. I also assume that I’ve easily screened others with much higher security clearances than you’ll ever have. Spies have good cover jobs that pass screening.

Passing screening sparks joy. Joy makes me eager to see you. Eager to see you allows all the other sparks to fly.

You want sparks, right?

This is the frustrating gap of time between check-in and check-out. Hotels vary their times, but the general trend is for check-out at 11am and check-in at 4pm. Why does this matter? Because if you want a booking at 1pm, you’re out of luck unless you book two nights to cover the gap. (If you’re not in Richmond, or I’m not touring, then this info applies.)

There’s which can work for large cities but not so well for less-large cities.

You can also try to get the front desk to cooperate earlier or later, but that’s no guarantee that they can make magic happen as you wish and then what? We’re both stuck without the needed space. I recommend planning with the above times in mind instead of hoping the front desk is in a good mood or that housekeeping is ahead of schedule.

Airbnb often follows the same hotel policies as far as time goes, and the other rules vary wildly between owners, unlike hotel-industry policies. Not to mention, it’s a growing trend to have cameras inside the rental, plus a number of requirements and/or restrictions regarding guests and cleaning.

In the past, I would offer to book a room for us but I’ve had to explain the hotel gap each and every time. It’s simpler to let you handle it as you wish.

If you understand all this and really do need me to book a room, it starts at $250 for most cities and $300 for larger cities or downtown areas, and is handled with the deposit. If the time you want falls in the hotel gap, the hotel fee is doubled. If you have very particular hotel preferences, it’s probably best that you handle the booking yourself.

Incall is when you come to me (I stay “in”). Outcall is when I go to you (I go “out”).

When I’m at home in Richmond, I have access to an incall. This access is predicated on advance scheduling. You’re not required to use it, you can book a hotel if you prefer.

When I tour, I offer incall as the standard option. Since it also doubles as my living space while on the road, I keep things tidy and do my best to be discreet in the hotel (I don’t use Airbnb). You’re always welcome to use the shower and the hotel’s shower amenities.

A note about early/late arrivals: Always let me know if you expect to be delayed, and how long the delay might be. If you arrive early, there’s no need to let me know. Find a way to patiently wait until three minutes prior to your reserved time to contact me.

If we’re meeting for cocktails first, normally I just meet you at the chosen bar. When meeting for dinner, or a different location for cocktails, I’ll come up to your room first, we can greet, and then leave together. Unless there’s some reason you need me to drive, I assume you’ll be driving. (If we meet at the incall first, a similar routine applies.)

My car is a small convertible and if you’re larger than I am, you may not find it comfortable. FYI!

Deposits are required for all bookings to reserve your time. I don’t consider the time reserved until I receive the deposit. Which means if you delay, you may lose your spot to someone a little more prompt. Generally, I expect to receive deposits shortly after we agree on a date/time.

You can pay deposits through emailed gift cards, cryptocurrency, or tangible Vanilla Visa. (Precise details after screening.)

Once you’ve become established, you get additional options of using a credit card, mailing cash/a money order, or Cashapp. If you seem extraordinarily trustworthy from the start, you could be offered these convenience options at my discretion.

Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel. If you cancel more than 48hrs in advance, your deposit will apply to your next booking within the next six months. If less than 48hrs notice, you forfeit your deposit entirely, and I expect to be paid in full for the time you reserved.

If I cancel, I refund any deposits or reservations made. I rarely cancel.

If advance arrangements have been made for hotel or travel, the company may not issue a refund on short notice. Fees may have to be paid again if your plans change. I’ll make all effort to change reservations without penalty, of course. I cannot control the policies of third-party companies, especially on short notice. Cancellations regarding bespoke travel are handled on a case-by-case basis due to all the moving parts.

Cash Deposits

Deposits are a way of making sure I’m not wasting my time just to get stood up (and even then, it still happens). While you can send cash in the mail, usually when a cash deposit is requested, it’s expected to hand it to me personally. This doesn’t work because I still have to spend time getting ready to meet you, travel to you, and hope you don’t stand me up. I think you can see the circular nature of why in-person cash deposits don’t work.

If you don’t wish to leave a paper trail, I have options for that. You use cash, you just don’t hand it directly to me. (And Fedex isn’t involved, either.)


When I offer incall, you’re always welcome to avail yourself of the shower, towels, and bathroom amenities at any point that you wish. I usually don’t have anything for your teeth, though, so keep that in mind. Lots of water helps keep breath fresh.

I don’t wear heavy perfume as a courtesy. (I use lightly-scented bath products instead.)

Regarding Covid and other plagues

I am vaccinated and boosted against Covid, vaccinated against various other illness, take vitamins, and generally do what I can to stay well. I always have a mask in my car, though requesting I wear it during our time together might be counter-productive (I’m game if you are!). I’m an advocate of soap and hot water for solving most problems before they start, especially regarding our hands and monkey-like desire to touch everything we encounter.

I am the full-package nerd. Braces for three years in high school, glasses due to myopia, and asthma. I mention this mostly because my asthma sometimes acts up and I’ll need to use my inhaler. I promise it’s not Covid or anything communicable, it’s likely something environmental upsetting my bronchial tubes. (This is another reason I don’t wear heavy scents, and spend extra money on anti-allergen laundry supplies at home.) Apologies in advance for the chemical taste of albuterol.

If I visit you at your home, please let me know if you have furry or feathery pets so I can take advance medication to prevent a reactionary attack from my over-stimulated immune system.

I don’t abuse alcohol, or use drugs recreationally. I don’t use anything that requires smoke inhalation because it would seriously impair my health. I probably drink too much tea, though. And I have a sweet tooth. My love of carbs is arguably my absolute worst vice (or perhaps it’s procrastination, depends on who you ask). If we’re having a meal, I’ll usually want some sort of sweet something at the end. I love it if you also like dessert!

My time with you is an indulgence for both of us, one that I anticipate. I’ll have a cocktail or share a bottle of champagne with you, but abstain from too much. I ask the same of you. If you’re in an altered state when we meet, I will leave. You forfeit any payments you’ve made.

Viagra and Cialis

While Viagra and Cialis are easily available, I prefer your natural chemistry. Genuine lust, coupled with an open mind and lack of measuring-stick obsession, is far more enjoyable for both of us. If you care so much about your erections that you use a pill to attain them, you’re not the man for me.

Passion isn’t found in a pill and believing it is means you’re not for me.

I’m not aware of having any current reviews and do not wish to have any. I hope my sincerity is evident throughout this website. The quotes I have sprinkled here and there are genuine comments made in the moment by men whose company I’ve enjoyed. The quotes are as much of a review that I feel is suitable. (Except for the quotes that are credited to famous people. Obviously, they were not saying those words to me directly.)

What reviews never take into consideration is that half of the equation is in your hands. Which is why I hope you’ve read this website thoroughly, and perused my blog, because getting a sense of whether or not you’d enjoy my company is key to figuring out whether or not you’ll enjoy your time with me. Because if you enjoy me, I’ll enjoy you. It’s very circular but I haven’t found any other cheat codes for this.

We’re both humans, and connecting as humans first allows us to connect in every way.


Though I don’t accept references as part of my screening process, I’ll happily offer references, though whether or not the other companion accepts my reference is up to her. If you wish to use me as a reference, you don’t need to ask. That saves a little lag-time in the process for you.

A general courtesy is to keep the reference requests to one per visit. E.g. If we’ve met once, don’t use me as a reference for the next 50 escorts you see.

Here’s a stupid-simple life-hack to avoid screening: don’t contact me.

Find someone else whose requirements suit your comfort level. Isn’t that an easy and simple solution? Practically brainless, in fact. It’s much better than two people becoming frustrated with each other due to mismatched expectations.

Mutual compatibility starts with the basics.

News, of a sort

Updates shall slowly continue until morale improves. Better than flogging, right? At least for most of you.

Fans of morale-boosting floggings have to wait a month. I’m sorting that out for a proper start.

The Itinerary

What’s going on, and when. RVA announcements, and any touring news.

While I have no official tours scheduled, I will be visiting Raleigh regularly for 2024, should you wish to subscribe to the VA and NC Tours newsletter for those dates and details.