No borders, just horizons – only freedom.

Amelia Earhart

My perspective on life is almost always going to be radically different from you. I’ve had the freedom you probably wish you have, though that’s meant depending on myself and lacking the stability of a known salary and benefits package.

I don’t have kids, and never been married. I’ve never been part of the corporate world and the last time I worked for someone else was during college. I doubt that our circles overlap and you’d have never been able to meet me any other way than here.

Which is to say I think that life can be interesting, if you let it.

(I’ve had my Jack Dawson moments, and the unpredictability makes them fine, indeed.)

of a life less ordinary

I’ve enjoyed compliments like, “You’re not from Ohio, are you?” (From when I lived in Dayton, of all places.)

A lamentable excess of personality. Too much so to be content being a soccer mom or office drone. I’ve not only taken the road less traveled, I’ve left that road and gone into the bush entirely.

It also means I’ve lived life kind of backwards. I spent my younger years living, exploring; and am now looking to create a stable business in another field.

You’ve probably followed the more traditional route, and have decided that you’re going to start living because stability has stifled you and here we are — meeting in the middle, like Benjamin Button and Daisy Fuller.

You’ll find I’m a gifted listener and a quick study; sometimes uncomfortably perceptive. I love asking why because I really do want to know.

Freedom begins between the ears.
Edward Abbey

I ask that you approach me in a spirit of openness and need. You wouldn’t be seeking me out if you didn’t have need. Your need isn’t physical. It never truly is. (If it were merely physical, you’d be seeking someone who offers half-hours and is available right now.)

A defined need isn’t a bad thing. It means you’ve spent time in self-reflection and maybe achieved some self-honesty. It means you’re looking for a specific woman, not just “female, breathing.” Might I be that woman?

Being awash in attention can sometimes be disconcerting if you’re not used to it. Don’t worry, it’s benign attention; based on the idea that you’re a fellow human who has asked for the attention you need and want. Why would I not give it to you when you’ve gone out of your way to ask for it?

Aside from listening, I like variety. I have a few ideas that might be fun ways to spend time together. Do you have an idea of something fun you want to do, especially when you know your companion is game and non-argumentative? Our entire time together doesn’t have to be intense soul-bearing unless you want it to be.

Part of my fun appeal is that I’m very likely to get your references due to being Gen X. I know what a rotary-dial phone with a cord is, and have used one. I also remember when record clubs were a thing, and a car having a built-in cassette player was a major selling point.

From growing up in the country with rabbit ears and an antenna, I happen to know that lightening storms make for the best TV watching (more channels!). Nintendo and MTV were big deals once upon a time, and my mother would complain when gas would go over $1 gallon.

Like I said above, life can be interesting. 🙂

My personality as quiz results

All of these tests essentially say the same thing about me in different ways. I listen and think, I explore, I’m adaptable and flexible, I’m curious.

And, importantly for you, I have the power of restoration. I like to leave something better than I found it. I think that’s one of the best results of being with me – not just leaving you with a smile or feeling relaxed; leaving you perhaps with new motivation, new personal insight, or maybe a lasting inner smile.

My curiosity is insatiable

I love learning, and new ideas are scintillating to me. It turns out this has a name: Sophophilia.

I wholly enjoy getting to pick the brains of men who have accomplished things and done things I will never get to do (e.g., I’m not very likely to become a stock trader even though I understand the concept; nor am I going to become an elite combat solider). For me, this is the real perk of companionship. Because I like exploring and one of those things I like exploring most is other people.

Your mind is a place of intense interest to me, far more than what’s in your pants, frankly. Your mind is you: your life, all your experience and knowledge, what fuels your desires and hides your fears. It’s an unknown land to me, and like any explorer, I want to go poking around to see what interests me.

Getting to know you is what excites me the most. You’re a whole new world that I can’t visit unless invited. If it’s not clear by now, I love the new, I love exploring.

Exploration can happen anywhere, one doesn’t have to buy a ticket of transportation to explore.

That being said, it’s an exploration I prefer to happen in person, because I need to read you and interact with you. I don’t do virtual, I do reality.

Inauthenticity is not my game.


In case you’re already ready to meet, then reach out and touch your finger to mine.

Through a form, since this is the Internet.

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