Pleasing to your eyes, pleasing to touch, pleasing to your soul.

Ava is the answer

A quick thought

Have you ever been asked — what’s on your wishlist?

If perhaps you like…

natural brunette beauty, or a passionate, quietly sophisticated woman with strong legs, who leaves you feeling like you’re on a date while being put at your ease, then perhaps you should continue reading!

You want a great time you would otherwise have not had. You’re into real, not fake; women, not girls; kindness not empty flattery.

Have you recognized a void in your life?

Transcend a lack of touch.

Do you crave someone with a good sense of touch, a sense of comfort? You want your heart beating faster with memory; and anticipation of us again.

Hopefully, I can help you find the feeling of connection you’re seeking; feel seen, maybe even revitalized; and restore your own good feelings about yourself.

The only deficiency I want you to have is a one of companionship; not a lack of humanity or character or life experience (or manners). That’s disastrously idealistic of me but I am an idealist, among many other things.

I ask that you approach me in a spirit of openness and need. You wouldn’t be seeking me out if you didn’t have need. Your need is very likely to be hiding behind sex — using sex to reach the mind is true of many men.

A defined need isn’t a bad thing. It means you’ve spent time in self-reflection and maybe achieved some self-honesty. It means you’re looking for a specific woman, not just “female, breathing.”

Might I be that woman?

My full invitation is to be read completely and at your leisure before making your decision. I’m not here to impress you, only to give you the opportunity to decide if we should meet.

If you’ve read the site and think we’ll enjoy each other’s company — you’re absolutely correct.

Our time together is best when you’ve had a chance to really relax, and we get to know each other through conversation. More and more I’m finding a single hour just isn’t long enough for either of us (this goes 10x if you’re nervous). I recommend two hours, starting with cocktails, as the best approach. It’s my minimum for a reason.

You realize I haven’t heard all of your stories yet, right? This is a rare opportunity for raconteurs!

I mention conversation a lot. It’s how we learn about each other, and when I ask a question of you I genuinely want to know. If you prefer impersonal and cheap sex, I might be more disconcerting [and expensive] than you want.

Seduce the mind, and the body will follow.

If this is your philosophy as well, then let me introduce you to my mind (and body) via the screen. I’ll lead you where you want to go.

A besotted man, 2023

“You have haunting eyes.”



Kind of a choose-your-own-adventure.


A little about me. This could change your mind, one way or another.

Your Options

What I offer in Richmond, or elswhere, in Virginia. Keeping it simple for a reason.


Screening and various policies. A must-read, though not riveting.

Ava [mind] Candy

If you’ve got time to waste, I can waste it for you. 😉

News, of a sort

There’s still plenty of backend work to finish on the site, and I will be changing background colors and editing text. I’ve decided I hate all my colors except the red.

New photos coming sometime after 11/16! I’ll be in Raleigh for a couple of days during that time. Mostly, I’m turning my attention back here after kind of disappearing a bit to indulge in some entrepreneurship—enough to know I still have a disappointingly long way to go.

Expect an essay or two on this. I have many thoughts and feelings on the matter.

The Itinerary

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