Mature companion

Ava Carrera

Dayton, Ohio

You're confident and secure, without arrogance. Likely a self-made man with all the lessons a successful career imparts.

Not that you don't enjoy well-earned creature comforts and luxuries — you wouldn't be there otherwise.

The Yin to your Yang


Both of us; romantics within our well-armored shells.

You love women and all things feminine. Fear and intimidation aren't words you'd use to describe your feelings about women.

You recognize that the totality of the human experience includes all the confounding contradictions in each one of us. You live for discovery within yourself, and the exploration of others.

You often have something to say and don't mind saying it. You love interesting new people with unusual perspectives and experiences, someone whose life doesn't match yours.

You've done more than live in the same place your entire life. It's entirely possible you're a known raconteur amongst your friends.

You like a lot of woman

You believe in opposites and equals. The chase, then a journey together.

Does any of this resonate with you?

You're not expected to embody every trait I mention, nor agree with everything I say. Only that I expect some of this resonates with you deeply.

If you read this and think we'll enjoy each other's company — you are absolutely correct.


“Never apologize for being yourself.”

I like exploring. One of those things I like exploring most is other people.

While I'm not psychic, I am an active, empathetic listener; naturally-inclined, honed by experience and a fairly good memory.

Kindness and attentiveness is a dying art, difficult to find within a life of myriad responsibilities or others with the attention span of squirrel.

A strong tendency among those I attract is a need for a compassionate ear, or someone with the ability to ask insightful but difficult questions. It is easier to be open to someone with no personal ties at stake.

I grew up in a very small town — with a burning desire to see the rest of the world. And I have, most of it on my own. (Longer bio here.)

Like any woman, I love to be pursued with thoughtful gifts and pretty things. But I'm far more about experiences than things, collecting men and memories rather than objects.

The floating world is is a temporary world, removed from either of our realities — the exchange doesn't have to be.

I make memories, not content

Men often think they simply want sex and orgasmic release, when it's really masking a different need.

Much like how many people mistake hunger for thirst. If you thirst, the only that refreshes you is cool water.