Ava Carrera

Richmond (Summer 2023) | Touring

Are you ever asked — what’s on your wishlist?

Is it a companion who is pleasing to your eyes, pleasing to touch; anything but basic and bland? A great time you would otherwise have not had? Are you seduced by an interesting character, or just pretty pictures?

It just so happens I’m your whole list, made real (and real cheeky). 

Have you identified a void in your life?

Do you crave someone with a good sense of touch, a sense of comfort? You want your heart beating faster with memory; and anticipation of us again.

Hopefully, I can help you find the feeling of connection you’re seeking; feel seen, maybe even revitalized; and restore your own good feelings about yourself.

I ask that you approach me in a spirit of openness and need. You wouldn’t be seeking me out if you didn’t have need. Your need is very likely to be hiding behind sex — using sex to reach the mind is true of many men.

A defined need isn’t a bad thing. It means you’ve spent time in self-reflection and maybe achieved some self-honesty. It means you’re looking for a specific woman, not just “female, breathing.” Might I be that woman?

Leave a lack of touch in the dust.

You're beautiful inside and out
- 2023

You Might Be…

You’re a lot of man, who likes a lot of woman. Fear and intimidation aren’t words you’d ever use to describe your feelings about women. You’re secure, without arrogance. You believe in opposites and equals, a journey together. Maybe you’re a man’s man, someone who enjoys feminine women, the yin to your yang.

You recognize the totality of the human experience includes all the confounding contradictions in each one of us. You live for discovery within yourself, and your exploration of others. You’re someone who has something to say and don’t mind saying it. You love interesting new people with unusual perspectives and experiences.

Or you might be what’s referred to as the strong, silent type; though you’re well aware being reserved doesn’t mean a lack of curiosity about the world, or a lack of intelligence. You speak without words, your actions saying exactly what you want. You might have calloused hands, slow and sure.

The only deficiency I want you to have is a lack of companionship; not a lack of humanity or character or life experience (or manners). That’s disastrously idealistic of me but I am an idealist, among many other things. You may or may not be an idealist yourself; but you recognize yourself partially or completely in these descriptions of who matches with me best. I’m a people-person, even if you’re not, and it’s important that I can effortlessly connect with you. Lots more fun that way for both of us! (And if there’s no fun, why are we even here?)

My full invitation is to be read completely and at your leisure before making your decision. I’m not here to impress you, only to give you the opportunity to decide if we should meet.

If you read this site and think we’ll enjoy each other’s company — you’re absolutely correct.

Seduce the mind, and the body will follow.

If this is your philosophy as well, then let me introduce you to my mind (and body) via the screen. I’ll lead you where you want to go.

You remind me of a young Sophia Loren.
– besotted man, 2023