In the era of parasocial relationships, have a real one instead.

Your mistress for hire.

The smart man’s solution

Hi! I’m Ava, a companion in Richmond, VA.

I’m the smart solution to an affair without entanglements, or Ashley Madison-style data breaches, with none of the wrong emotional strings; minus the frustrations of subscribing to someone’s content, strip clubs, or attempting to date. I assume that’s why you’re here.

You married you best friend, but now it’s a friendship without benefits. Time to make new friends!

I make memories, not content.

You might find me disconcertingly straightforward. I’m not here to impress you, only to give you the opportunity to decide if we should meet.

Quality over quantity is my preference. (This is an opinion formed by experience, not guesswork.) What does quality mean to me?

Extreme compatibility.

Compatibility is the real foundation for everything that follows. I do not want to pretend to like you, I want to actually like you. It’s a radical notion in this realm: mutual pleasure through honesty and awareness. I’ve put way too much thought into this so you don’t have to. You merely have to follow my lead and see if I’m taking you somewhere you want to go.

My full invitation is to be read completely and at your leisure before making your decision. Deadlines and rush-jobs are for work. Leisure is for fun.

Years of experience has shown me who clicks with me best, effortlessly. Want to feel like you’re on a date, meeting someone you should have met years ago? Me too. Real chemistry can’t be faked.

And we’re both into real over fake, especially when it comes to other people.

A wonderful man, 2023

“Beautiful inside and out.”


The Director’s Cut Edition. Click below if you’d like to read more about yourself. Or at least who I think you are.

Confident. Secure.

You’re likely a self-made man, with all the lessons a successful career imparts. While I’ve met successful executives, I have an entrepreneurial spirit that seems to attract the like-minded. You have to be bold to take that risk, and bold enough to make your way to me. As they say, fortune favors the bold and Lady Luck is, well, a lady.

You’re a lot of man, who likes a lot of woman. Fear and intimidation aren’t words you’d ever use to describe your feelings about women.

You’re secure, without arrogance. You believe in opposites and equals, a journey together. Maybe you’re a man’s man, someone who enjoys feminine women, the yin to your yang. (I like gruff teddy bears with a hidden tender side.)

You recognize the totality of the human experience includes all the confounding contradictions in each one of us. You live for discovery within yourself, and your exploration of others. You’re someone who has something to say and don’t mind saying it. You love interesting new people with unusual perspectives and experiences.

It also doesn’t hurt if you have a sense of humor, and can detect some of my humor through the screen. If you think something I say sounds ridiculous, it probably was meant to be ridiculous. I can quote quite a lot of Monty Python.

Been through some shit? Black humor is humor honestly-earned.

The only deficiency I want you to have is a lack of companionship; not a lack of humanity or character or life experience (or manners). That’s disastrously idealistic of me but I am an idealist, among many other things.

And sometimes, you want to leave the thinking behind and live in the moment as the animal you are.

(As we all are).

Does any of this resonate with you?

You’re not expected to embody every trait I mention. I don’t expect you to nod your head in complete agreement with everything I say. I do expect some of this to resonate with you, deeply.

After all this time, and all those I’ve met, it’s actually easier for me to write about you than myself. Not what you’d expect, I know. It’s easy for me to describe who I like than try to depict myself as your seductive ideal instead of a complicated person who can still get surprised by life.

Opposites often attract. This is true, but what is also true is that shared values bridge that gap. A desire to explore (both the inner and outer worlds), intelligence, life experience, and a high appreciation for being genuine are some of the values that make us who we are.

It doesn’t hurt if you’re a friend to the animals or environment, or those less fortunate. You approach life from the standpoint of being blessed rather than cursed, regardless of your circumstance.

Though I don’t like toxic positivity, it causes more problems than it solves. A healthy perspective often lends a sense of gratitude, or at least a shrug: que sera, sera.

A besotted man, 2023

“You have haunting eyes.”



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