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A Single Hour

Our time together is best when you’ve had a chance to really relax, and we get to know each other through conversation. More and more I’m finding a single hour just isn’t long enough for either of us (this goes 10x if you’re nervous).

The sweet spot? Let’s start with a cocktail, or two, building that a little bubble that’s just us. Then we walk down the hall and shut the door, usually laughing, with the Do Not Disturb sign out. Now truly in our own world, satisfying pleasure can be created, followed by sweet afterglow.

This is the escape you’ve been needing, a little rejuvenating me-time that’s tailor-made for the male psyche.

A Meal
Even better? A lingering dinner, bonding over food, often getting to mutually experience dishes we haven’t had before. The exploration begins with pre-dinner cocktails, ending later with soft music and soft sheets, one light illuminating the room, city lights outside the window. Clocks don’t exist in this world at all, neither do co-worker’s interrupting phone calls, traffic, or much of anything to of the usual daily grind.

Lunch just doesn’t hit the same way, though a getaway in the middle of the day still has appeal, especially because you’re playing hooky from your desk and phone calls. And it’s early enough that whoever leaves first won’t have to battle traffic.


One Hour

Deposit Required: $200

  • Richmond: $500
  • Tour: $500
  • Incall provided while touring
  • Incall normally not provided otherwise

Two Hours

Deposit Required: $200

  • Richmond: $1000
  • Tour: $1000
  • Additional hours in Richmond: $300 per
  • Additional hours touring: $400 per
  • Stay-in fee regardless of location: +$600
  • Incall provided while touring
  • Incall normally not provided otherwise

Four Hours with a meal

Deposit Required: $300

  • Richmond: $1600
  • Tour: $1600
  • Additional hours in Richmond: $300 per
  • Additional hours touring: $400 per
  • Stay-in fee regardless of location: +$600
  • Incall provided while touring
  • Incall normally not provided otherwise

Tour Schedule 2023

  • TBA
  • TBA

Daily Schedule & Availability

(when touring)


Due to checkin times, I am limited to bookings 5pm or later on the day I arrive. The window of opportunity is short, as I don’t begin anything past 8pm.

Full Day

On a day I’m established in town, we can begin as early as 9am.

My ending time remains the same, nothing beginning past 8pm.

Departing Day

Most checkout times are 11am, which means I can’t begin much later than 9-10am. 

The Newsletters

The newsletters will come from this domain: avacarrera.com so please make sure to whitelist the domain in your email service.

This is a double-opt-in, which means you have to confirm subscription in your own email. This protects both of us from spam sign-ups.

The list of email addresses are seen and used by me alone. There is no third-party access of any kind, and no sharing of information. When I cease touring or retire, the list will be deleted, the program deleted and that’s the end of the list.

I like keeping things as small and simple as possible.

For an explanation of the options, see below.

My Idiosyncrasies

  • Spontaneity together is ideal, and preferred instead of a script. But the fun only happens after the logistical steps to meet are completed. Planning is required for two people to share the same space at the same time. 
  • When at home, I can meet you as early as 9am. I prefer to not begin anything past 8pm. 
  • Deposits are required for all bookings. The amounts are noted above unless bespoke travel is involved. Deposits and cancellations are covered in the Client Guide.
  •  Last-minute/same-day requests never work. You are not the exception to this rule. Every time I attempt to make an exception, I end up reminded of why exceptions never work out. Rushed is not my style.
  • I do not offer incall unless touring. This means you are responsible for booking a hotel room if one is needed. I cover hotel info in my Client Guide.
  • I do not have a minimum age restriction (aside from being old enough to buy drinks). Be assured that I prefer you to be mentally and emotionally mature regardless of how many times you’ve circled the sun. That quality isn’t always tied to age.
  • I mention “conversation” a lot. It’s how we learn about each other, and when I ask a question of you I genuinely want to know. I prefer a date-like feeling, instead of purely transactional. If you prefer impersonal and cheap sex, I might be more disconcerting [and expensive] than you want.
  • Thank you for asking. I always suggest bringing water with you. If you’d like to bring me a drink, I like Fiji (because of the square bottles).

    If you’ve booked 2hrs and we’re not going out for cocktails, feel free to bring a nice bottle of champagne (I have glasses if you let me know to bring them), or cans of pre-mixed cocktails like cosmopolitans or mojitos.

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.
– Warren Buffet


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