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Answering your questions

This page contains my rate and deposit policy information, my touring schedule, my newsletter sign-up, and other errata for your decision-making and scheduling. It sounds like a lot but then, you're juggling your schedule and I'm juggling mine. Meeting in the middle takes a little planning. Every detail you need is on this page.

Advance planners are needed. Same-day bookings never work. It's best to contact me before I arrive in your city.

Tour Dates

Incall provided, outcall rarely accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Knoxville TN

Oct 2-4

Nashville TN

Oct 4-7


Oct 7-9

Marietta GA

Oct 9-12

Scheduling Details below

Atlanta/Buckhead GA

Oct 12-14

Now offering foot fetish & domination sessions

$500/1 hour
$1000/2 hours
$200 deposit required

Tour Rates

An experimental offer of foot worship and/or psychological domination. Nothing above my knees.

$300/30 minutes
$150 deposit required

Daily Schedule & Availability

Departing Day

Full Day


Most checkout times are 11am, which means I can't start a 2hr booking past 9am, or an hour past 10am. If I do start offering earlier bookings, this notice will reflect that.

On a day I'm established in town, we can begin as early as 9am. I'm considering starting earlier, I'll see if there's interest.

My ending time remains the same, nothing after 8pm.

Due to checkin times, I am limited to bookings 5pm or later on the day I arrive. The window of opportunity is short, as I don't begin anything past 8pm.

Photo Break ;)


The Experience with me




I do

I do

I recommend

give references, though I do not accept them in lieu of screening.

hope you've read this full page before contacting me.

bringing water with you. If you'd like to bring me a drink, I like Fiji (because of the square bottles).

If you've booked 2hrs, feel free to bring a nice bottle of champagne (I have glasses), or cans of pre-mixed cocktails like cosmopolitans or mojitos.



I do not

I always welcome

have a minimum age restriction (aside from being old enough to buy your own drinks).

Be assured that I prefer you to be mentally and emotionally mature regardless of how many times you've circled the sun.

servicemen, in or out of uniform.

Active-duty military and veterans have been in my life personally and professionally since I gave myself an Iraq War veteran for my 19th birthday in college. (He didn't mind being my birthday present, by the way.)





Contact with screening



Consult your schedule

Contacting me with all your screening information, and the information from 01, tells me you're serious about meeting.

I like this level of sincerity.

After confirming receipt of your deposit, I'll confirm with you the morning of (or night before), with any necessary information (like my phone number and location).

If you pass screening and we mutually-agree on a date/time, I'll send you a few simple options, including crypto, for paying the deposit.

Have a date/time firmly in mind, after double-checking my tour schedule here.

Policies & FYI

the fine print in large font

I'm vaccinated and boosted, of course. But I prefer not to risk my own, or other's health. This is good practice regardless of Covid.

On the subject of health, I'm not an indulgent sort. I'll have a cocktail or share a bottle of champagne with you, but abstain from more. I ask the same of you. If you're in an altered state when we meet, I will leave. You forfeit any payments you've made.

Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel. If you cancel more than 24hrs in advance, your deposit will apply to your next booking. If less than 24hrs notice, 50% of the total booking is required as an apology.

If I cancel, I refund any deposits or reservations made, regardless of third-party company policies.

I do not accept cash deposits in person. This is nearly impossible to accomplish while touring. You have two discreet options if you want to use cash, just not by handing it directly to me.

Touring Newsletter

This is a simple newsletter, only to announce touring dates/locations. It will come from this domain: so please make sure to whitelist the domain in your email service.

This is a double-opt-in, which means you have to confirm subscription in your own email. This protects both of us from the bad intentions of others.

The list of email addresses are seen and used by me alone. There is no third-party access of any kind, and no sharing of information. When I cease touring or retire, the list will be deleted, the program deleted and that’s the end of the list.

I like keeping things as small and simple as possible.