If you pass screening, you'll hear back from me with deposit information and confirming the booking date/time/etc. you've requested.

Please note that same-day requests never ever work, and planning before I arrive in your city is ideal for both of us.

When I'm in Dayton, at least 72 advance-planning is a good idea.

The Qs



I'm not aware of any current reviews and do not wish to have any. I'm trying to keep my online footprint small, which I know goes against the current ethos.

I hope my sincerity is evident throughout this website and extraneous writings.

What I request is exactly what I need to screen you. I do not accept social media handles or board handles as screening. What I request is pretty basic and standard: real name, city/state of residence, real employment information, and the logistics of meeting.

If this makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps we're not suited for each other. Discreet and anonymous are two different things.



Deposits can be handled through emailed gift cards, Bitcoin, or Vanilla Visa bought with cash. Precise details are given after mutually-agreeing to time/place/date.  I do not accept cash deposits in person, but cash can be used for Bitcoin or Vanilla Visa.

I do not accept references in lieu of screening.

The Screening Form

And email address, below

If the form isn't working correctly, just use the email below. It should work on any device.

Checking this box means you have read and understand my deposit and cancellation policy.

Screening via email

If you’d prefer to email directly, or the form is not submitting, please email:
and include all the information required on this form.

Thank you, and look forward to hearing from you soon!