And extras.


We're both about the life in our lives.

A woman of many radical dichotomies...

I've lived in several countries, have visited many more. I've been to almost every state, though this is my first time living in the Midwest. Chicago has long been a favorite big city in the US, probably because of its Midwesterness.

Have I been an escort before? Yes, I see no reason to pretend to be an ingenue when obviously I'm not, I've already thrown an old picture on here (in a non-prominent place). There's no horrible or devious backstory. A change is sometimes needed at the end of one journey and the beginning of another. As one's mindset and perspective broadens and deepens, it sometimes makes sense to put away girlish things and embrace a new, more genuine, direction.

If I sound like a woman in her 40s, well, that's because I am! I've always been an old soul; life has merely added to my depth and experiences. I'm grossly over-qualified for an hour in bed, which is why I prefer more than that.

...I am tech-y enough to design my own website but prefer to live in meat-space as much as possible. (She said meat, heh heh.) I prefer real life and the ephemeral instead of relentless technology and electronic trails. What I offer online, I offer for our mutual convenience and safety, nothing more.

As mentioned, I grew up in a very small town. I go to college. I graduate, not ready to chain myself to the professional ladder in my field. And I've done everything but use my degree. That's changing.

While it's changing, I'm here. Most of those changes will occur independent of companionship, though of course companionship provides the material means. Ideally, it also provides a little extra joy; as I hope I do for you.

Not here forever, though.






Stephen King

Do you


Favorite character: Wolf

Favorite short story: Mrs. Todd's Shortcut

always cut into an apple or bite into it, even though grenades cost extra?

Very much so.



I drive

My rats

a stickshift, convertible. Nothing fancy but it is fun.

seem to tolerate it, but definitely don't like it when I get into a 90s rock or pop mood.

My furbabies are rats, and they're wonderful.

I'm both exactly how I present myself and not at all what you expect. I've been told these exact things numerous times, usually in the same breath. Don't ask me how that works but somehow I embody this contradiction. It's been said "She is loving, free, and wild...her wisdom mixed with her child-like playfulness makes her one of a kind." An unusual mix, no?

(By "wild" they were referring to my sense of freedom, not attention-grabbing antics.)

I'm not "hot" like an FHM cover girl, but definitely smoking if I were a librarian.

I'm often told I'm beautiful. I'll take beauty over hotness any day.

Is this all a bit much?

Especially for just an hour or two?

This is text on a screen. It's going to be relentlessly cerebral. My biggest sensual organ is all grey and wrinkly and between my ears. A meeting of the minds is the catalyst for skin-to-skin chemistry.

You're invited to our convergence.

(the other photo above was taken by me, this is a blast from the past)